Available Classes

Are you ready to earn your SCUBA certification or advance your diving skills and knowledge? Perhaps it’s been a while since your last dive and you need a refresher? Or maybe you just want to Try SCUBA before you commit to a full course. Shoultz Scuba Services can help you with all of these, and even take your dive career all the way through Instructor Trainer!

Learn to Dive

Open Water Scuba Diver

Your journey as a diver begins with this introductory certification course; a license to learn and explore everything the underwater world has to offer! Only you can imagine where your scuba certification will take you! NAUI and PADI certifications available, including referrals.

Over four days, you’ll learn the basics of scuba equipment, dive physics and physiology, and how to plan and execute safe dives. The course begins with eLearning and review then two sessions in a pool learning basic skills like how to share air with your buddy in an emergency and clear water from a leaky mask without coming to the surface. We then travel to local dive sites for four open water dives aimed to slowly build your confidence and skills as a new diver.

Cost: $465

Includes: All materials, dive fees, equipment, certification card. Students must purchase and provide their own mask, snorkel and fins.

Duration: 4 days

Minimum Age: 12 (10 and 11 with special consideration)

Refreshers and Referrals

Have you started a course somewhere else and are looking to complete your certification? Or maybe it’s been more than 6 months since your last dive and you’re looking to complete a refresher course in the pool or open water. Each of these situations is different, and Shoultz Scuba specializes in custom courses. Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll put together a package that suits you!

Advanced Dive Skills


Learn to safely dive with different mixtures of nitrogen and oxygen, increasing your safe allowable bottom time and reducing your surface interval! This academic-only course can be combined with any other course we offer or on its own.

Cost: $110

Includes: All materials and certification card. Dives are not required for this course

Duration: 1/2 day

Minimum Age: 12

Advanced Scuba Diver

Safe divers know the importance of diving within their personal limits and in conditions similar to those in which they were trained. The Advanced Scuba Diver course is designed to expand those boundaries by exposing you to new environments and skills through 6 guided dives and is perfect for brand new divers and experienced divers alike. Significant emphasis is placed on planning and executing dives independent of a divemaster or instructor, so you can be confident in your dive planning, navigation, and emergency procedures each time you dive. 

Required course topics include navigation, night diving, and deep diving, while additional topics are selected from a range of options like buoyancy and advanced finning techniques, search and salvage, boat diving, drift diving, fish identification, and underwater imaging. This class is highly customizable based on your interests and skills.


Cost: $350

Includes: All materials and certification card. Students must provide their own dive equipment and pay all dive fees

Duration: 3 days

Minimum Age: 12 (10 and 11 with special consideration)

Prerequisites: Open Water Scuba Diver from any training agency

Rescue and Advanced Rescue Diver

Continue your journey as a diver by learning to be the best dive buddy possible! During a Rescue Diver course you’ll learn how to identify and manage risks associated with diving and how to effectively handle in-water problems and diving emergencies, including how to assist and transport divers, perform surface rescues, and even effectively rescue and unresponsive diver from depth. This course is perfect for adults regularly diving with their kids, divers who aspire to become a dive professional, and any diver simply looking to be more prepared to assist a dive buddy in need.


Rescue Diver

Cost: $350

Includes: All materials and certification card. Students must provide their own dive equipment and pay all dive fees

Duration: 2 days

Minimum Age: 15

Prerequisites: Open Water Scuba Diver, First Aid and CPR. First Aid and CPR can be incorporated into the course as needed


Advanced Rescue Diver

Cost: $450

Includes: All materials and certification card. Students must provide their own dive equipment and pay all dive fees

Duration: 3 days

Minimum Age: 17

Prerequisites: Open Water Scuba Diver, Advanced Scuba Diver, First Aid, CPR, oxygen administration. First Aid, CPR, and O2 can be incorporated into the course as needed. There is also a rigorous swim test associated with this course

Master Diver

Master Diver is a course unique to the NAUI curriculum designed to bring your personal diving knowledge, skills and abilities to a peak, professional level. Perfect for those who want to be the best trained recreational diver on the boat and those wishing to become a Divemaster or Instructor, this course perfects your diving through rigorous academics and 8 dives, including navigation, night diving, deep diving and rescue review. Think Advanced Scuba Diver on steroids.


Cost: $600

Includes: All materials and certification card. Students must provide their own dive equipment and pay all dive fees

Duration: 3-4 dive days; 4 academic sessions

Minimum Age: 15

Prerequisites: Open Water Scuba Diver, Advanced Scuba Diver

Specialty Courses

Shoultz Scuba Services also offers specialty courses in night diving, search and recovery, buoyancy and finning, wreck diving (external survey), navigation, underwater archeology, citizen science and more. If there’s a topic you’d like to learn about at a deeper level, just ask! There’s probably a course or workshop for you! If not, we can even help you design a custom specialty course!

First Aid, CPR and Oxygen Administration

The ability to provide CPR and first aid, including oxygen administration, in a diving incident is imperative. Current training in these topics is a prerequisite for many dive courses, including rescue diver and any professional level certification. Courses can also be offered without a diving focus for school teachers, babysitters, community groups, and any other non-divers seeking these lifesaving skills. 


Cost: varies

Duration: 1 day

Prerequisites and minimum age: none

Become a NAUI Professional


If you’re ready to take your passion for diving to the next level and become a professional diver, Divemaster is your first step. Divemasters work anywhere in the world, assisting with classes, leading certified divers, and even teaching select NAUI courses. During this course, you’ll develop your personal leadership style through a variety of activities designed to help you learn additional strategies for risk management and emergency response, how to give dive briefings, how to organize and conduct enjoyable open water dives for certified divers, and more. The length and structure of this course vary highly based on your future goals, personal diving background, and abilities as we progress through this mentor-based course together. 


Tuition: $800

Duration: 10-15 days

Minimum Age: 18

Pre-requisites: Scuba Diver, Advanced Scuba Diver, Rescue Diver, Master Diver (can be packaged with DM course), current CPR, first aid and oxygen administration, 60 logged open water dives


There is no joy greater than introducing new divers to the underwater world for the first time, other than perhaps watching a current diver advance his or her skills through continuing education courses. As a NAUI Instructor, you will be authorized to teach all of the courses in which you possess the training, knowledge and experience, including those listed on our classes page. 

NAUI Instructor Training Courses are focused on the “loved one” concept, meaning we only certified those we would trust to teach our family and closest friends, and are therefore rigorously evaluated. At Shoultz Scuba Services, we also believe instructor development goes beyond just the 10 days we spend together, and will continue to support you as you begin teaching classes on your own and for years to come. This is unique among instructor development programs. 

Throughout your Instructor Development Course, you’ll learn to build effective lessons, write student objectives, teach basic and advanced dive skills in the pool and open water, and the legal and ethical considerations of scuba instruction. You’ll be introduced to the business side of diving and what it takes to really turn a profit, and meet NAUI staff when we tour Headquarters in Riverview, FL. Leadership development is what Shoultz Scuba specializes in. If you’re looking for a top tier ITC designed to help you succeed as an instructor, look no further. 

Tuition: $2,000. Students are also responsible for cost of materials, dive fees, and application fee.

Duration: 10 days

Minimum Age: 18

Pre-requisites: Divemaster, current CPR, first aid and oxygen administration, 100 logged open water dives, Course Director approval for enrollment


Instructor Crossover Courses also available.

Tuition: $1,200

Duration: 7 days

Instructor Trainer

This course is for experienced instructors who love teaching, forming lasting relationships with their students, and want to help develop future instructors. Instructor Trainers assist with evaluating new instructor candidates during ITC and ICCs and can even train staff to help them run these development courses without the supervision of a Course Director. Instructor Trainer candidates are carefully selected; please inquire if you are interested in this long-term goal.

Prerequisites: Minimum age is 21, active-status NAUI Instructor who has completed a NAUI Staff Training Workshop, logged a minimum of 200 open water scuba dives, conducted and registered at least 150 scuba certifications of which at least 25% are continuing education and leadership courses, and staffed/participated in 3 ITCs for at least 100 student contact hours.